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Gov. Kemp signs state budget scaled back by COVID-19

ATLANTA - Gov. Brian Kemp signed a $25.9 billion state budget Tuesday that he called “bittersweet” because of $2.2 billion in spending cuts brought on by the devastation the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking on Georgia’s economy.

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Downtown Drive In packed

Organizers of downtown’s first-ever Drive In Movie Night were hoping for “around 15 to 20 cars.”

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Woman very briefly runs

Two warrants, one for hit-and-run and one for obstruction of an officer, were issued for Ambrielle Walls.

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DNR seeking Jet-Ski operator for crash involving 11-year-old

An 11-year-old girl is recovering from injuries she sustained in a Jet Ski crash over the weekend, and authorities are seeking the others involved in the accident.

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Work to achieve your financial independence

Over the past few months, just about everyone has felt the loss of some type of freedom, whether it’s being able to travel, engage in social gatherings or participate in other activities we previously took for granted. Still, as we prepare to observe Independence Day, it’s comforting to realize all the freedoms we still have in this country. And taking the right steps can also help you achieve your financial independence.

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State and Federal Elected Officials

Gov. Brian Kemp (R)

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EMA director: Hundreds of COVID beds rumor unfounded

The local rumor mill has been busy in the last several weeks, with claims that the Department of Public Health is planning to set up hundreds of COVID-19 recovery beds in facilities around Baldwin County.

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