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1. The Truex curse Martin Truex Jr.’s short-track curse came to an end by winning at Richmond. His 20th career win put an end to that talk. “I’ve always loved

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1. Larson’s struggles Kyle Larson was tagged as a guy to watch for the NASCAR Cup Series championship, but he has stumbled out the gate. He finished 37th at Richmond.

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Film Fodder

“Hellboy” is the story of the son of the devil, who was brought to this world by the Nazis in World War II to help them fight the Allied forces.

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Earth Day offers valuable lessons to investors

On April 22, millions of people will observe Earth Day by participating in events that support environmental protection. As a citizen, you may want to take part in a local

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Update from Under the Gold Dome

The General Assembly wrapped up the 2019 session on April 2, 2019, with over 100 pieces of legislation receiving final approval. We addressed a variety of issues including health care,

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Letters to the Editor

The Consolidation Game After being soundly rejected by the voters of Baldwin County, consolidation is again attempting to raise its ugly head. Like a dreaded incurable disease or a stubborn

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This week a time  to remember what Easter is all about

I wish I had been there. In Jerusalem. With Jesus. I wish I could have witnessed the events of a week that changed the world forever. I wish I could

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