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Questions about ESPLOST

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Dear Editor,

Since the voting in Baldwin Co., is delayed somewhat, it seems like a good time for a question for Page 4A either a member of the school board or Ms. Price, concerning the ESPLOST that they seem to be so proud of.

1. Will funds from the new be used to settle any outstanding debt from the previous one?

2. Why do you think it is so necessary to borrow money against the projected revenue?

3. How much of the taxpayers money will be used to pay the interest of the money you borrow?

4. Would that money be better used by waiting for the collection of tax money and getting more return on taxpayers money?

5. Looking at the current downturn in the economy due to Covid-19 doesn’t that change to prospect of diminished tax receipts and therefor the need for new and down graded projections?

6. Lastly, if there are required adjustment to the financial projections which will require a change in the Esplost thus making the current one null and void, and therefor not eligible for consideration on the ballot.

I have asked these questions before but the Board or Ms. Price never seem to want to answer them. They have time now and for all of us in Baldwin County I am asking for answers. I would hope more citizen of the county would also like answers to these especially since we cannot have forums to discuss the issue.

Russell Martin III