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Q&A: Hoganne Harrison-Walton, Candidate for Solicitor General

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    Hoganne Harrison-Walton

What makes you an ideal candidate for the job?

Currently, I practice law in the areas of criminal defense, family, and juvenile law. These three areas of law correlate with and directly impact each other. When a parent has an active criminal case, there is a redirection of income from the family unit as well as an added level of stress placed on the family unit. The parent’s financial resources are reduced and the time the parent is able to dedicate to the family is further divided. Woefully, the family structure starts to weaken. This leads to an increase in divorces, fractured families, or single-parent families. Families in these predicaments are more likely to have DFCS involvement and the children are at a higher risk of becoming juvenile delinquents and adult offenders. This cycle of oppression continues in this family for generations. Because I am a Baldwin County Native, I know the families that suffer from this cycle of oppression. I can be the person to assist these families by seeking alternative forms of punishment before utilizing incarceration. I will offer restorative programs for young offenders, mentally ill, and non-violent offenders through community resources, implementing innovative community service projects, promoting rehabilitative programs, and job skills development as alternatives to incarceration and prolonged probation sentences. Utilizing rehabilitative programs will save taxpayers money and create productive citizens of Baldwin County.

If it was up to you, would the Solicitor General’s race be non-partisan and free of an “R” or a “D” beside each candidate’s name. Also, how would you ensure voters that you will represent all of the citizens of Baldwin County?

Yes, I absolutely believe the Solicitor General and all judicially positions should be non-partisan. As the Solicitor General, my pledge is to protect the community and enforce the laws of Georgia. The position does not require me to create the laws. Therefore, the political agendas, commonly associated with the Democrats and the Republicans plays no part of my duties as Solicitor General. As Solicitor General, I will work to protect the interests of everyone in the community— both individuals and businesses. At the end of the day, WE are One Milly!

There have been two domestic-related murders in Milledgeville in the last three months. How can we best curtail domestic violence in this county and limit the heartache?

As a community, we need to be what I call, “Respectfully Noisy” by Paying Attention, Speak Up, and Take Action when we see signs of Domestic Violence. We must extend our hand to victims of domestic violence by helping the victim locate a safe place to reside. Victims often need a job and transportation because their assailant controlled the victim’s access to money. We should not put our head in the sand or turn a blind eye to the signs. We should not be afraid to call the police or even do an impromptu visit to a person’s house because you fear for their safety. Every time a person is victimized – society is victimized!

What’s your general stance on criminal justice reform in the United States, a nation that possesses both the highest incarceration rate on earth and the most guns per capita on earth?

There is still a lot of changes and room for improvement in our criminal justice system. The privatization of mental health treatment facilities has created an increased burden on the local jails. The creation of the Accountability Courts has shown that there are more effective ways to provide rehabilitation for offenders versus incarceration. I support the 2nd Amendment, but I also believe we need to implement more safety procedures to ensure guns are not easily purchased by individuals with destructive motives or able to put in the hands of lawbreakers. We have to create a solution that provides rehabilitation, corrects a behavior, and deters others from committing the delinquent act in the future.