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Half-Baked: Birthday cake botched pretty badly

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Half-Baked: Birthday cake botched pretty badly

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Birthday cake botched pretty badly

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    CONTRIBUTED A birthday cake ordered at a the local Dairy Queen was supposed to depict Moana. Instead the family got a marijuana leaf and an intoxicated My Little Pony.


Kensli Davis admits that her mother is “sort of country,” which largely explains a recent birthday cake mixup that’s gone viral on Facebook.

It all started a few weeks ago, when Davis’ mother called Dairy Queen and put in an order for a birthday cake. Davis’ mother requested a “Moana birthday cake.”

Moana, by the way, is an animated Walt Disney film and Davis’ favorite movie.

“My mother is from Wilkinson County,” mused Davis. “I imagine that ‘MO-ana” probably sounded more like ‘mo-WANNA’ (to the employee who) was taking the order.”

The end result was very unexpected, as well as very hilarious. The cake, outlined in dark green, featured a very detailed marijuana leaf, as well as a green-colored “My Little Pony” with red, glazedover eyes. The pony on the cake is smoking a homemade cigarette and appears to be in no condition to fly.

Fortunately for Dairy Queen, everyone in the family thought the whole thing was hilarious, except for Davis’ grandmother.

“(My grandmother) didn’t understand it. We had to explain it to her. She just saw that cake and said, ‘oh, what a pretty leaf!’” Davis said.

One must applaud Davis’ outlook and attitude about the entire episode. Some people perhaps would’ve used the mix-up as an excuse to be outraged or upset. Instead, Davis just had her cake.

She ate it, too.

“It was a really, really good cake. We all enjoyed it,” she said.

Davis’ original post on Facebook now has been shared more than 11,000 times. Several media news outlets from Macon to the United Kingdom have also reported on the story.

“The woman who made it reached out to me and apologized, but it was no big deal. I thought that it was one of the funniest things ever,” Davis said. “It’s definitely a birthday that I’ll never forget.”