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GMC removing barriers to higher education

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This summer, Georgia Military College is working to make higher education more accessible. Many of their admission criteria will be adjusted or completely dropped for June and July.

GMC recently announced that they temporarily waive the SAT and ACT testing requirements for anyone enrolling in college courses. Only a high school diploma or GED is required at this time. This is part of their summer of opportunities campaign.

GMC is not the only institution to drop testing requirements in the last year. Colleges and universities across the country have temporarily lowered the requirement due to the ongoing pandemic. Many testing centers had to close due to social distancing guidelines. This has caused colleges and universities to reconsider their stances on standardized testing scores.

Along with the change in requirements, GMC announced that they are offering three new scholarships. The creation of these scholarships aimed to help students with GEDs, technical school training, and small business owners and their families.

The GMC GED Scholarship aims to offer financial support to students who have completed a general educational development program only. GMC is an open admissions campus meaning that enrollment is not earned on a competitive basis.

The GMC Technical School Scholarship is open to any student transferring or who has graduated from a technical school. The recipient of this scholarship will be on track to receive their Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management from the college. This is for students who are looking to start their own business after graduation.

Lastly, the GMC community advancement scholarship is intended for small business owners, employees, and dependents.

Along with creating three new scholarships, GMC also continues to offer their Graduate of Baldwin County Scholarships. Any student that has graduated or received a GED in Baldwin county and has a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher is eligible. The scholarship covers 50% of tuition, books, and fees after financial aid is applied for two years.

This year GMC has already awarded scholarships to 22 community graduates.

They are also temporarily eliminating the $35 application fee. Prospective students should contact the GMC admissions office at 478-387-4846 or email to receive the waiver code and learn more about each scholarship opportunity.