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Local man has been missing for more than three weeks

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    David Bass, along with several others, continued the search for Kevin Bass on Sunday.

Kevin Bass was first reported missing on May 27 after he, uncharacteristically, missed multiple calls from his mother, Dana Bass.

Three weeks later, Kevin is still missing, and volunteers from the community as well as the Drew Project out ofAugusta continue to search for him.

The last known contact he had was with a friend at 5:30 that morning, according to his father, David Bass. His mother then began calling around 6 p.m. When no one answered, she assumed her son was asleep and sent a friend to Kevin’s home to wake him, according to Mr. Bass.

Kevin, 29, was nowhere to be found, and around 7 p.m., his mother called his father to inform him their son was missing.

“The Sheriff’s department was notified and they told us they would have Verizon start pinging his phone on Thursday,” David Bass said.

By midnight, they pinged Kevin’s phone, which could only provide a general location. The area it pointed to was mostly Wilkinson County, but also a small portion of Baldwin County.

According to David Bass, the cell phone’s Android operating system could only provide “anywhere from two to seven mile radius of the location of the GPS on his phone.”

From May 28 to May 29, the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office as well as local search parties scoured the area. By the morning of May 29, the pinging stopped as Kevin’s phone most likely died. The search continued, nevertheless. Kevin’s family still gathers search parties on Saturdays and Sundays to cover roads still unmarked on the county maps.

Roughly 20 people responded to a post on Project Drew’s Facebook page giving times and locations for the search party on June 13 and June 14. The numbers of June 13 are unconfirmed, but only two of an estimated 20 came to search on June 14.

The exact time of Kevin’s disappearance is unknown. There is a 12-hour span in which he may have left his Baldwin County home.

“All we know is that he was in his apartment around 5:30 that morning when he had called his friend to make sure he was awake for work,” David Bass said. “And we found out he was missing around 6 to 6:30 that evening, when his Mama called to check on him.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 445-2554.