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BHS Theatre tells multiple stories in ‘Big Fish’

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BHS Theatre tells multiple stories in ‘Big Fish’

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Baldwin High School’s Theater Department is reeling in one last play for the year.

In “Big Fish,” several different adventures are told in one musical while being interpreted through the eyes of the audience. 

“This show has a wide range of exciting and eccentric characters and also includes some incredible moments of spectacle,” said Anna Brock, the Theatre Director.

Big Fish is the story of Will and his father Edward who has spent his life telling exaggerated stories. In the musical, Will is continuing his life by getting married and expecting a child while Edward is slowly coming to the end of his stories.

“The story overall is something that one person can do so much with,” said Jacob Ruddy who’s playing Will.

The extravagant stories that are told involve various things such as meeting a giant and a witch, joining a circus and kissing a mermaid. While telling these bizarre adventures, Edward is nearing the end of his life so Will is trying to figure out who his father truly is. The audience gets to experience all of Edward’s life while Will is trying to decipher fact from fiction.

“There’s so much to it. It has good music, characters, and tech. A lot of people can enjoy it, from little kids to older people, there's something for everyone,” said Nathan Mitchell, a member of the cast and crew.

This show has been almost a year in the making. Pre-production work started over the summer of last year and after that, auditions were the following November as well as the first of many rehearsals.

“I always pick shows for the students that I know I have and this show was an obvious fit because of the talent I have in the senior class both in performers and tech and design,” Brock said.

This show was chosen to challenge the performers involved along with the crew and technicians. In total there are about 17 songs that the cast had to memorize and learn choreography for. There is also a ginormous turntable on stage that technicians had to build along with over 1,000 paper daffodils that the crew worked tirelessly making.

“The show not only presents insanely talented kids but also shows what can truly be done at the high school level,” said Brock.

A lot of the leads and members of the crew are seniors and this will be their last show at BHS. Throughout the numerous shows that they have experienced, each play or musical continues to grow.

“‘Big Fish’ is perhaps one of the realest shows that I have personally ever been in because previous shows have been big and wild and this show does the same thing, but you’re hit with a sense of realism,” Ruddy said.

The storyline alternates between two different timelines while the characters are portrayed at different ages to help explain each adventure. While witnessing each story, emotion becomes more apparent as the adventures unfold. More passion and excitement are depicted as the story comes to a close. 

“I hope that even someone who is deaf can come to the show and enjoy it because you don’t have to hear what’s going on, you should be able to see the emotion on the characters faces and have the same feeling,” Mitchell said.

“Big Fish” will be performed at the Baldwin High School Theater at 7 p.m. on March 7-9. Tickets are $10 each.